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In T&T: Cadiz Promises Value for $ In Tight Budget

30 September 2011

More ā€˜bang for your buckā€™ according to Minister Cadiz

Trade and Industry Minister Stephen Cadiz says while the upcoming national budget will be “tight”, citizens can expect to get value for money.

Cadiz said Finance Minister Winston Dookeran has “already indicated that it will be a very tight budget but one thing you are going to see different, the value of the spend is going to be there. This government is going to ensure that every single tax dollar is going to be spent properly and citizens will finally get value for money. We will not be going into tens of millions of dollars of investmentsā€” failed investmentsā€”and what have you. You will see a tighter budget but value for money.” Read more…

In Europe: German Parliament Backs Rescue Fund

29 September 2011

Germany to the rescueā€¦as expected

German lawmakers approved an expansion of the euro-area rescue fundā€™s firepower, freeing the way for European officials to focus on what next steps may be needed to stem the debt crisis. Read more…

In the Cbean: IMF Is Cautiously Optimistic

29 September 2011

IMF says the Caribbean should manage its growth expectations amidst financial distress in the US and Europeā€¦labels this as ā€œcautious optimismā€

While there are a few bright spots in the area of economic recovery in Barbados and the Caribbean, it is anticipated that growth will remain subdued and at levels below those projected prior to the global economic meltdown. Read more…

In T&T: Govt Late on Payments – Contractors Stop Govt Work

29 September 2011

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Local contractors have been forced to stop work on projects because Government has failed to pay outstanding debts of $600 million owed to them, says Mervyn Chin, president of the Contractors Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Read more…

Should Greece Default?

27 September 2011

Letting the Market Mechanism Take a Back Seat

January 2011George Papandreou, Greek Prime Minister

“Greece wonā€™t default.”

June 2011 – Jamie Dimon, J.P Morgan C.E.O.

“Greece wonā€™t default.”

September 2011 –Ā Klaas Knot, European Central Bank Governing Council member

“I’m not saying that Greece will not default…I am now less definite in excluding a default bankruptcy than I was a few months ago…”

Read more…

The State of Emergency & You

19 September 2011

It’s Time For Intelligent Spending

The topic is contentious to say the least, but aside from political squabbles, letā€™s examine the likely effects of this now-extended State of Emergency (the SoE) on the economy.

Read more…

SVG Eurobond: Second Tranche

12 September 2008

On September 12 2008,Ā St Vincent and the Grenadines closed the second tranche to their first ever eurobond of May 30 2008. Read more…

St Vincent & the Grenadines First Eurobond

30 May 2008

On May 30 2008,Ā St Vincent and the Grenadines closed theirĀ first eurobond. It is also their first rated issue, receiving a B1 rating from Moody’s. Details can be found on Bloomberg. Read more…
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