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24 June 2016

From Mike, our Resident Brit
160624 Going It Alone


Hi Everyone,

You will be waking to the news that the UK has voted 52-48% to leave the E.U. The Prime Minister has announced that he will resign and a replacement will be in place by October.

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The New Sagi

26 August 2015

150826 Sagicor

So, in all the quiet summer LatAm market space,  Sagicor Finance (2015) Limited, a member of the Sagicor Group, successfully issued a new seven-year bond on August 11, 2015 in order to refinance debt, including the US$150 million 10 year bond due in 2016.

The call on the 2016s were announced on 11th August and are effective come 10th September 2015.

The new US$320 million bond matures in 2022, and comes with an 8.875% fixed rate of interest for the period with interest payable semi-annually.

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Gimme What I Want, Now!

28 May 2014

We humans are a needy bunch. Ask Maslow. We need certain things for our survival but as life is to be lived, not survived; our needs go beyond the basics of food, water and shelter. Not to get all psychological on you (I will anyway), but do you think there is a clear marker between a need and a want?

The needs vs wants concept should be fairly easy to grasp, but it’s actually sometimes hard to remember in the heat of the moment. And sometimes both the heat and the moment extend so that it becomes hard to remember “throughout your daily life”. Read more…