Firstline Team Wins the Lotto Jackpot!

31 May 2017

A Firstline Securities Limited Blog by: Dalia King

We only wish! Every time the National Lotteries Control Board tantalises us with multi-million dollar jackpots, we get to thinking, planning and organising…for when we strike it rich.

We asked our Firstline compadres what they would do if they won just $2 million in Lotto (we didn’t want to get people overheated with excitement, thinking about a larger jackpot than that). There were a lot of similarities in the answers and of course, the majority of us said we’d have the Firstline Portfolio Management Team structure a sweet investment portfolio for our retirement needs.  As we do.

Lotto has rolled around to $8.5 million and somebody might be a winner tonight! So, get to thinking friends: what would you do with all that cash?

If you ask us to manage the whole kit and caboodle for you (J), how much risk would you be willing to take with your newly-acquired funds?

  • After beating the odds to win this thing, not to mention lining up for 45 minutes to play my quick pick, there is absolutely no way I am going to invest in something where there is the potential for me to lose one red cent of it. Conservative.
  • After beating the odds to win this thing, not to mention lining up for 45 minutes to play my quick pick, it seems a waste to just sit on it. I can afford to take some additional risk, with the potential for greater returns. Moderate.
  • It’s time to make money on this free money baby! Full steam ahead! Derivatives, options, futures, the whole shebang! Aggressive.


We humans are a complex bunch so if none of the above suits; share with us a truer statement of your Lotto-winning risk appetite in the comments on our blog here. We’ll get to work on a portfolio tailored just for you!

If (when, when, when!) you wake up a winner tomorrow morning, take heed of these words from Firstline team member Serena who says of her Lotto winner aspirations: “I will keep my regular job and try to maintain my sanity that I have all this money that I could just spend but I am trying so hard not to spend all of it…”

Keep sane! We’ll help!

Here at Firstline, we create wealth for the people. Contact our colleagues to find out more!

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