In T&T: AATT chairman: 3.9% more 2012 Carnival visitors

9 March 2012

Carnival by the numbers: 40,000 int’l tourists = 3.9% growth in arrivals in 2012.

For 2012 Carnival, Trinidad experienced an increased in its tourists arrivals. The statement was made by Gerald Hadeed, chairman of the Airports Authority of T&T (AATT), during yesterday’s official launch of the new TNT Travel Channel 686 at its boardroom at Piarco international airport. Hadeed said the total passenger arrivals for Carnival 2012 on international flights was 71,036 persons.

He said the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) estimates that 40,000 of the 71,036 passengers were international tourists. He stated that TDC said this figure represents a 3.9 per cent increase in international tourist arrivals into Trinidad compared to Carnival 2011.

Hadeed said he attributed this increase to the efforts of all stakeholders who worked hard with AATT in promoting T&T internationally and those who encouraged airlines to increase air service to both islands. Hadeed said the improved customer service also played a major part in the entire initiative. Custom officers, various airlines and ground handlers worked tirelessly during the Carnival to keep passengers’ processing time to an absolute minimum, he said. He said the processing of documents went so quickly that it caused a little delay at the Customs line. This, delay, he explained was due to the limited scanning machines: two. “We need to improve that to about four to six machines.”

Hadeed recommended that the green line system be aborted and allow all baggage to go through the “extras.” “We are working with Customs to have this implemented in the near future.” Hadeed saluted his workers for their efficient handling of Caribbean Airlines Ltd’s new leased aircraft 747 at a very busy Carnival time, which he described as a Herculean challenge. He said there were also increased loads on the airbridge, which was facilitated by CAL’s “red eye” flights. The “red eye” flights began on February 10, but to accommodate the heavy demand, CAL had to upgrade to a jet aircraft. Hadeed said he would like to encourage the travelling public, especially passengers on the domestic airbridge, to utilise its self-check-in kiosks, located near the entrances, which would reduce passengers’ average check-in and processing time.


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