In T&T: London Says Tobago Has A Right To More $$

6 October 2011

Orville London expects Tobago’s fair share in the upcoming national budget. Ashworth Jack expects unspent balances to be fully utilised for projects.

Expectations are high in Tobago for the upcoming October 10 national budget presentation and To- bago’s allocation. Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Orville London said Tobago deserves eight per cent of the national purse.

“And to send the signal loud and clear that Tobago does not go to the national coffers as in cap in hand but go to the coffers as a contributing partner, and in that context, Tobago has a right to request, and to make strong request, for a significant share of the national purse,” London said.

THA Minority Leader Ashworth Jack said while Tobago will get its fair share of the national budget, he is hopeful every cent will be accounted for by the present Tobago House of Assembly.

“Every year, we hear of unspent balances, hundreds of millions of dollars in unspent balances, and yet we see a hullabaloo being made about not getting enough money; if you don’t get enough money, then I expect at the end of the financial year, you should be saying we have spent all¬†of the money, we have done all these projects and, therefore, you make a legitimate claim for more money,” Jack said.

President of the Hotel and Tourism Association Nicholas Hardwicke said he expects the tourism sector to receive more money than last year.

“Specifically, we’re looking for the implementation of the loan guarantee fund. It has already been passed by Cabinet, I believe; it has been cleared of all sorts of usual hurdles that new policy has to go through, but it is yet to be implemented,” he said.


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