In T&T: Maracas Bay top of Cadiz’s list Moving to strengthen tourism industry

5 July 2012

First stop, Maracas! A very busy Tourism Minister identifies areas of improvement for popular beach facility.

TOURISM Minister Stephen Cadiz says the refurbishment of what he describes as the “brash and crass” Maracas Bay beach facility will be at the top of the list as he moves to strengthen the country’s tourism industry.

Cadiz, who toured Maracas and other North coast beach facilities yesterday, said: “We just did a walkabout on the Maracas beach and at the Maracas Bay Village fishing facility and at first glance I would say that it is loud.

“On the drive coming up here you have the beautiful serene forest and then you bend the corner and you arrive here. I would like to think that the Maracas Bay facility should be able to fit into the surroundings and I think that the majority of people who come here would expect that. So in the fix for Maracas Bay I would like to see that is first and foremost on the list. How we get a modern Maracas Bay to blend into the natural environment is absolutely critical.”

He said there was a master plan for Maracas Bay but did not believe the funding was immediately available but he wanted to start the upgrade on the beach facility on a phased basis.

Cadiz said simple things like changing the colours of the buildings at the facility would be a step in the right direction.

“People have complained about the carpark facilities at Maracas Bay and the collecting of money on the way in and causing a whole traffic back-up on the main road.

Is that really and truly necessary? At Piarco Airport you pay on your way out. You don’t need a budget to fix that. So can we initiate these very simple changes immediately that will make the visitor experience at Maracas a very pleasant one.”


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