In T&T: McLeod says 20,000 new jobs just short term

16 November 2011

Colour me URP… I mean CEPEP re-incarnated. Errol McLeod kicks off “Colour me Orange”

Labour Minister Errol McLeod said yesterday the Government’s plan to create 20,000 new jobs through the $300 million “Colour Me Orange” project was a short-term solution.

The project was launched yesterday at the Hilton Trinidad in Port of Spain.

“We do not think that it is sustainable. We will only just relieve unemployment for the time being,” said McLeod to reporters after the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium at the National Academy for the Performing Art in Port of Spain.

He said the Government was discussing more sustainable solutions, with elements of its plans to be detailed “shortly”.

“Our efforts are to expand the economy. We must begin to seriously address the question of revolutionising our education of our young people, beginning with the primary level, and match our education system with what we are going to be doing for development, so there can be sustainability,” said McLeod.

He added that the youth unemployment rate was very high but was hopeful that “we will lick the unemployment problem comprehensively”.

In his address at the symposium, McLeod encouraged young people to become entrepreneurs, saying the country’s youth will steer the country towards sustainable development.

“You are the gatekeepers of our country’s innovation and productivity,” he said.

“While my other colleagues are overwhelmed by people looking for employment, I think we must applaud ourselves by looking to create employment…. You are arguably the most technologically and highly educated generation in our country’s history. Don’t let anyone get you down. You have more ability than everyone else,” he added.


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