In T&T: transparency institute recommendations

2 December 2011

Moving on from the corruption index – how do we improve going forward?

Following are the recommendations of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) to improve the corruption perception of Trinidad and Tobago:

  1. Implement fully the recommendations of the John UFF Commission of Enquiry into the Construction Sector. TTTI has a special role to play in that exercise and renews its offer to assist Government and its agencies.
  2. Enact Public Sector Procurement Reform Legislation incorporating the ideas advanced by the JCC, the Chamber of Commerce, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association (TTMA) and TTTI.
  3. Enact whistleblower legislation to cover both the public and private sectors
  4. Make legislative changes to the Integrity in Public Life Act to improve the efficiency of the Integrity Commission and provide the Commission with greater financial resources
  5. Government should demonstrate greater transparency in all its dealings. As a start, publish the reports on the enquiries conducted under the previous Administration e.g. Piarco Airport Enquiry, the Caroni Bridge Collapse Enquiry etc.


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