In T&T: ‘Unproductive’ August

24 August 2012

August:- possibly the least liked month in 2012 for business owners and daily-paid workers.

Yesterday’s rains and floods provided an unplanned day off for many workers as commuters around the country stayed away from work because of bad weather brought on by feeder bands from Tropical Storm Isaac.

Added to this were four public holidays in August, making businesspeople consider this months “one of the most unproductive month in years”.

“Thank God August is almost over,” Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) president Dominic Hadeed told the Express yesterday.

“It’s obvious (the weather) has had an impact on productivity (yesterday),” he added.

At his own business place, the Blue Waters company, Hadeed said most people came in late but it was understandable.

For other TTMA members, he said “everyone was just upset” by another disruption in their schedules.

A statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce said yesterday a quick poll of their members showed no major disruptions because of the weather aside from staff coming in late to work.

In South Trinidad, president of the San Fernando Business Association Daphne Bartlett said workers also came out late, but most people showed commitment and reported for duty.

Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago president Richard Young said, for the most part, it was business as usual in the banking sector yesterday.

“Some branches had a little flooding, and opened later than usual because staff came in late, but other than that there was nothing exceptional,” he said.


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