Portfolio Management & Pregnancy

12 February 2015

Imagine this: you’re pregnant. Stay with me guys. You took the test and it says you’re pregnant but you have to be sure, so now you’re at the doctor’s office. The first thing she says is that you need to have a consultation. This involves a lot of poking and prodding in your personal business – figuratively and literally. Various lab tests and sonograms are done to confirm whether you’re in fact with child, detect the presence – or hopeful absence – of abnormalities and then put together a plan for the next nine or so months.

Many years ago my girlfriend went to an obstetrician to confirm her pregnancy. The doctor wanted to perform a detailed consultation but as this would have meant referral to other medical providers and further expense, she decided against it and instead was content with over-the-fence advice from her neighbour, a retired midwife. Things seemed to be going fine and very soon the baking time was over for that precious cake.Unfortunately, due to the lack of consultation and check-ups throughout her pregnancy, she only realised until it was too late, that she had an infection that had to be removed without anaesthetic. She says she had never felt pain like that before. She pulled clumps of hair out her head, called for her departed grandmother and pleaded with the Almighty. After that was done, it was time to deliver the baby. I’m told the scars are still visible to this date and this was back when shoulder pads were in style. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), she spent three times more money treating the infection and its repercussions than she would have if she’d paid for her consultation and her regular check-ups. Not to mention the considerable physical and emotional pain and scarring.

The moral of this story? If you want to implement portfolio management across your organisation, you should invest in a consultation first, also known as a “Portfolio Management Capability Assessment”. Yes, you can do it in-house if you’re certain you have the skillset, tools and experience to run your own lab tests, but Nemo, if you get it wrong, your organisation is going to experience a lot of pain, get some scar tissue and never want to go near Portfolio Management again.So: invest in a detailed consultation of your organisation’s insides before you unleash any plans. At Firstline, we look inside the womb of our client’s organisation and get quite invasive with our questions, all with the intention of implementing a personalised, effective, investment plan.

If you took the test and you think you’re ready to actively manage your assets, contact us now. We have on board our very own gynaecologist of Portfolio Management, Osmond Prevatt (Dr. O.P. for short), who will lead you through your consultation to a happy nine months and onwards. Contact him at osmond.prevatt@firstlinesecurities.com or at 868.628.1175, so we can discuss your investment needs in detail and craft a portfolio that makes sense for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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