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Spotlight: Aruba 2023

3 December 2012

Spotlight: ARUBA 2023

Does the picture represent you, the investor, seeking opportunity in “stormy waters”?

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Country In Focus: PANAMA

23 April 2012

Panama has a problem that many other countries would envy: economic growth is so high, and competition for workers so intense, that firms are stealing workers from each other.

Panama’s unemployment is currently 4.4%, and may go down even further as the economy grows 10% in 2012, repeating 2011’s performance as the fastest growing economy in Latin America. The country currently has BBB- / Baa3 ratings from S&P and Moody’s respectively, with a stable outlook from S&P and a positive outlook from Moody’s on general future creditworthiness. Read more…

Country in Focus: Colombia

31 March 2012

Colombia has gone from being an economic and security basket case to a leading investment destination in Latin America. In this second Country in Focus report, Firstline explores Colombia’s outlook and risks, which have not completely disappeared, and also looks at candidates for bond investments.

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Country In Focus: PERU

19 March 2012

Firstline is launching a new series today: Countries in Focus which looks at the economy of a country and investments in its sovereign and corporate bonds available through Firstline Securities. In this first instalment, we focus on PERU which has grown tremendously in the last ten years due to increased political and economic stability, high commodity prices (Peru is the world’s third largest copper producer and second largest zinc producer), and increased domestic consumption and international investment.

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