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2012: A Look Back

7 January 2013

A time to reflect? Without a doubt! 2012 was one to look over with astonishment, as Olympics, bond bubbles, stock market recoveries, elections and health scares ruled everything from traditional to modern (social) media. Here are a few items which were of particular interest;

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The Weekly Report – Energy Mid-Year Recap (Crude Oil)

23 July 2012

In the last instalment, we looked at how natural gas fared between January and June 2012. While natural gas has certainly had a more volatile year, crude oil has also seen a lot of choppiness, as the markets contend with debt crises in Europe and slowing growth in China and the U.S. However, certain changes ahead could lead to a bump up in prices.

Source: Barchart

Source: Barchart

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Weekly Report – Natural Gas Mid-Year Recap

2 July 2012

2012 has thus far proven to be eventful, with risk of war with Iran flaring up (and then dying down), continued banking and sovereign debt crises in Europe, and rapidly changing supply-demand dynamics across both oil and gas in the U.S. The remaining 6 months of the year are promising to be just as interesting, as the same factors mentioned above persist in the marketplace.

In this edition, we will focus our attention on natural gas, with a separate report on crude oil prices to follow shortly.


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The Weekly Report: Energy & Iran in 2012

17 January 2012

Many readers may be familiar with the film “300,” an adaptation of an ultraviolent graphic novel that depicts the historical Battle of Thermopylae where a few thousand Greeks (and 300 Spartans, hence the title of the movie) held off a substantially larger Persian force (estimates range between 70,000 and 300,000 soldiers) by using a highly militarized ultra-patriotic culture, and (most importantly) the terrain to their advantage.

What does “300” have to do with finance and investments? Honestly, not too much, except that you must be as tenacious and knowledgeable of the terrain as Leonidas, King of the Spartans, to invest in today’s environment. However, we can use “300” to explore some very heavy subjects in a somewhat light-hearted way. Coincidentally, both Greece (and the Eurozone as a whole) and Persia (now called Iran) figure heavily in global macroeconomic developments, so the “300” theme isn’t completely out of the blue.

Particularly, developments in Europe and Iran could lead to very large swings in energy prices. Read more…

The Weekly Report: Energy in 2012 – Part I

10 January 2012

Two weeks ago, we summarized some of the events and notable developments in the energy sector during 2011. This week, we’ll try to give a broad outlook of what 2012 might have in store, both here in T&T as well as globally. For this post, we’ll delve into what is in store for the local energy and commodity industries in our twin island republic.


The upstream sector showed strong momentum in 2011, which will spill over into 2012. We are not even halfway through January, and one new exploration well was successfully drilled by Range Resources, a U.S. based independent oil firm.

A big driver of increased upstream activity is Petrotrin’s (and the Government’s) need for more crude. This is just one way they can reduce the 3 billion TT fuel subsidy bill, as they have to import increasing amounts of crude from Africa, Russia and South America to make up for falling local production. Read more…