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The 2018 National Budget of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

10 October 2017

Changing the Paradigm: Putting the Economy on a Substantial Path – Part Two

A Firstline Securities Limited Blog by: Mike

The Energy Sector

Despite low oil and gas prices the Minister believes the energy sector has a “very positive outlook” as a result of new projects coming online in the next three years. Moreover, a new tax regime designed to incentivise increased exploration and production should provide a fillip for additional oil and gas output.

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The Weekly Report: T&T Energy Sector in 2011 (Part IV)

28 December 2011

Complexity and paradigm-shifting developments were not limited to international energy markets; Trinidad had its fair share of both, and only time will tell whether the impact is positive, negative or neutral. This last article in the series will look at just a few of the major developments this year. In January we will be exploring what 2012 has in store for us, and will also be offering more regular in depth coverage of the local and global energy sector through our blog and research publications.

Recovery in Prices

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The Weekly Report: Energy Prices in 2011 (Part III)

23 December 2011

We’ve explored the impact of global geopolitical and natural events on energy markets this year, as well as how several key developments in the U.S. have affected pricing. This article will focus more on the actual prices themselves, delving into some very light technical analysis so that we can gain more understanding of how price action unfolded this year in Crude Oil and Natural Gas.


WTI Crude Oil (CL) cash contracts for immediate delivery had a very interesting and volatile year. Read more…

The Weekly Report: U.S. Energy in 2011 (Part II)

22 December 2011

In this second instalment of the series, we focus on a few key developments in the U.S. energy industry. As the largest global consumer of energy, events in the U.S. have a significant effect on global energy dynamics. However, due to the rise of China as a global scale consumer of commodities, and several domestic factors in the U.S. itself, the nature and extent of this effect is changing.

The U.S. as Energy Exporter?

With an estimated 500 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of reserves and growing (compare to T&T’s 30ish tcf), the U.S. now has an ample and relatively inexpensive energy supply. In fact, several companies are now looking at the possibility of exporting liquefied natural gas. Cheniere Energy is the leader of the pack thus far, having inked off-take deals to provide LNG to BG, which would then sell it on to other clients globally: Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Rumours are also afoot that Cheniere could sign another LNG off-take deal with GAIL, the massive state-owned Indian natural gas company, securing a foothold in that crucial growing market. These two contracts would only be for a portion of Cheniere’s capacity; more contracts should definitely be expected in the future. Read more…

The Weekly Report: A Look At Energy In 2011 (Part I)

20 December 2011

2011 has been described as ‘momentous’ by no less an authoritative source than Platts — not particularly known for superlative or exaggerated language.

Political unrest, rapidly shifting supply and demand dynamics, and global macroeconomic uncertainty have led to very interesting and often unforeseen events in global energy markets this year. Locally, there have also been a number of key developments that could impact the overall trajectory of the industry — and by extension, the nation — going forward.

This blog post is the first of a series which over the next week will look at events in the global and Trinidadian energy sector for general enlightenment and entertainment, but also with insights on how investors can gain perspective going into 2012. We will also let you know more about Firstline investment products and services that allow investors to participate in the global and local energy sector. Read more…