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Tic Toc Tic Toc

24 March 2015

Ears perched and investor eyes glued on Yellen globally! Oh so much concentration on a single word! After a two-day meeting, the Federal Reserve removed the word “patient” from its monetary-policy statement. Why the hullabaloo over this single word?
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Yellen Transition – A Smooth Ride?

18 February 2014

Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the Federal Reserve

This week we take a brief look at the market just a few days into Janet Yellen’s term as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve – they have not gone unnoticed by any means. The stock jocks were certainly happy (S&P chart below) after her testimony at the House Financial Services Committee, but before I go further into the market’s reaction, let’s look at some of her major talking points: Read more…

In the U.S.: U.S. Stocks Rise As Draghi Announces Details Of Bond Plan

6 September 2012

Jobless claims at 1-month low, ECB’s agreement to “fully effective backstop”…risk on it is!

U.S. stocks rose, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index higher for the first time in three days, as the European Central Bank announced specifics of its bond-buying plan and data boosted optimism in the labor market. Read more…

In the U.S.: Stock futures up on hope for central bank action

7 August 2012

ECB stimulus hopes set to boost markets for yet another day running.

Stock index futures edged higher on Tuesday, pointing to a third straight day of gains on Wall Street, bolstered by expectations the European Central Bank will act soon to contain the bloc’s credit crisis. Read more…

In the U.S.: Inflation-adjusted consumer spending falls in June

31 July 2012

There seems to be no improvement on Q1 of 2012 as “consumer spending lost momentum.”

Spending by American consumers fell in June for the first time in nearly a year when accounting for inflation, suggesting the economy lost momentum as it ended the second quarter. Read more…