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The Key Is To Remain Calm

15 December 2014

What goes up must come down.It is natural to assume that the law of gravity should also apply to the financial markets. Or, no?
After all, isn’t the oldest piece of investment advice to buy low and sell high?

Prudent investors use market cycles to their advantage by rebalancing. A disciplined adherence to this strategy forces you to buy low during declines and sell high during advances. So while market advances create excitement and declines cause panic, a rebalancing strategy allows you to maintain your equilibrium and be generally pleased with yourself amidst chaos.

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30 September 2013

“What is Vol? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me…no more.” — Haddaway

* Disclaimer: Lyrics slightly modified, but still just as catchy and relevant.

* Random Trivia: Haddaway is a Trini!

Volatility, or ‘Vol’ for short, is a term that is thrown around endlessly—especially since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007 and 2008. Vol is also almost exclusively used negatively, and is widely evoked in tones that older siblings might use when telling ‘jumbie’1 stories to their more impressionable younger brothers and sisters. Read more…

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Your Investment Home Away From Home?

6 September 2012

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Your Investment Home Away From Home?

No, this isn’t a vacation brochure by any means but I’m glad that I got your attention! This week we would like to highlight a credit that’s familiar to most financial institutions within the world of emerging markets.

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Roti Line – Doubles Money

21 August 2012

“You Can’t Get In The Roti Line With Doubles Money”

A gentleman I once worked for uttered that phrase, and I will never forget it. In the 3 years since I first heard it, I have found that it has many applications in life, business and investing — and Team T&T’s recent performance in the Olympics, along with general market conditions in T&T, have definitely resonated with this adage.

Olympic Gold Medallist, Keshorn Walcott

Olympic Gold Medallist, Keshorn Walcott

For a nation of just over 1 million people, our performance in the Olympics has been nothing short of exceptional. We reached the semi-finals and finals in several sports, and climbed the podium on four occasions. While the same can be said of many other countries, their populations and Olympic budgets far surpass our own. Therefore, we must definitely commend our athletes for putting their all on the line in London, and for keeping Trinidad and Tobago in a prominent position on the global sporting landscape.

Nevertheless, there remains a measure of disappointment from segments of the public in Trinidad and Tobago. This is due in part, because we have high expectations due to persistently solid performance and because we had not won a gold medal since Hasely Crawford’s spectacular run in 1976. Additionally, the stellar performance of the Jamaican track and field teams over the past two decades has also led us to increase our expectations for our own team. Read more…