Tag: State of the Market

Capital Market Development: What’s keeping T&T back?

30 July 2012

A very useful visual I thought, amidst the Olympic hype. While I think Trinidad and Tobago has come out of the starting blocks, there remains much to be done to improve our capital markets. Read more…

The Weekly Report: A Groundhog Summer?

16 May 2012

Is this summer going to be a repeat of 2011’s choppy waters?

‘Groundhog Day’ was a brilliant movie from the early 1990s starring Bill Murray as a sardonic, jaded and self-loathing journalist who goes to a town in the Midwestern United States for what is supposed to be a short trip. The protagonist ends up in a bizarre time-space warp where the same day happens over and over again, and in Hollywood tradition, hilarity and self-discovery ensues.

Investors and traders are going through their own sort of Groundhog Day, except unlike Bill Murray’s character, their jaded resignation is punctuated by panicked episodes of frantic activity. The same problems have been persisting for three years now and specifically, this summer looks like it may be a repeat of events from Summer 2011. Read more…

The Weekly Report: The More Things Change…

3 January 2012

2012 is here!

As some of you rose from your food-induced coma from the long Christmas weekend and made a speedy transition into an alcohol-induced frenzy to bring in the New Year, things seemed almost perfect I’m sure. However, as the cloud of nostalgia clears up and opportunities and challenges more clearly present themselves, ask yourself this: how is this year going to be any different from 2011?

Coming towards the end of 2011, the S&P 500 forecasted a year-end market close of 1350. June 2008 was the last time the market had seen that level, just before the crisis truly took hold of the global markets. We didn’t see a 1350 year-end close (actual close of 1257.60 as at December 30, 2011) but this could only be expected. To have attained 1350 would have been to greatly belie the difficulties which characterised 2011, particularly within Europe, such as: Read more…

The Weekly Report: A look at the bright side

6 December 2011

Is cautious optimism an oxymoron? We live in a world so uncertain that maybe we even have to question the validity of that phrase so commonly used in business and finance circles.

The market looks very much like a panorama from a perch at the Lady Young or Chancellor Hill lookout during rainy season: the overall picture is fairly sunny, but a very large, very dark cloud system looms ominously on the horizon. That cloud system is, of course, Europe. Will the clouds bring rain and another round of widespread flooding? Or will it hover over the Gulf and then suddenly veer off to Venezuela or points unknown? That is the trillion dollar question that drives the wild swings we have seen in the market. Read more…