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Tic Toc Tic Toc

24 March 2015

Ears perched and investor eyes glued on Yellen globally! Oh so much concentration on a single word! After a two-day meeting, the Federal Reserve removed the word “patient” from its monetary-policy statement. Why the hullabaloo over this single word?
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Interest rates in the United States, interconnectivity of markets and little pinches of salt

28 January 2015

Speculation for speculations sake?
As we move through the first few months of 2015 economists remain focused on the economy of the United States and what the expected level of interest rates in the world’s largest economy will mean for the rest of the world and the long awaited economic recovery.
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In the U.S.: Wall St poised to make four-year high

21 August 2012

1450? 1500? What’s your year-end S&P 500 bet?

U.S. stock index futures edged higher on Tuesday, with Wall Street set to make another run at a four-year high as equity markets continue to grind steadily higher on hopes that central banks will act in the near future to stimulate their economies. Read more…

In the U.S.: U.S. Stock Futures Rise As Caterpillar Surges On Earnings

25 July 2012

Earnings season brings joy to U.S. investors (for today at least).

U.S. stock futures rose, indicating the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index will snap a three-day decline, as companies including Caterpillar Inc. and Boeing Co. (BA) raised their forecasts after better-than-estimated earnings. (SPX) Read more…

In the U.S.: Top 2% Not Job Creators Or Millionaires In Tax Debate

20 July 2012

Very interesting read if you’ve been following the “Occupy” movement.

President Barack Obama describes them as “millionaires and billionaires” who can afford to pay higher taxes. Republicans call them “job creators” who need to keep their money so they can hire more workers. Read more…