- Fact -
Boutique Portfolio Management can change your financial life.

Firstline’s exclusive investment service helps you turn your dream of true wealth and financial independence into a vivid reality.

The 2020 global pandemic reminded the world that you should never depend on your job as your sole income source.

There are an alarming amount of people in Trinidad and Tobago who, because of misinformation, will spend all their years completely dependent on one paycheque coming in every month. But, what happens if that one paycheque stops unexpectedly?

Who Are We?

We are Firstline Securities Limited, an independent financial services firm, based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Founded in 2005, we are experts in creating, growing, and retaining wealth for our clients in T&T, as well as in the French, Dutch, and OECS territories of the Caribbean.

Boutique Portfolio Management is our flagship product that creates a way to grow your wealth specific to your financial goals and position.

- Fact -
We've been investing for decades.

We know all of the avenues a person can take if they want to create wealth in a more efficient way. And yet still, the most consistent method we’ve seen that continuously grows wealth with less work is through Boutique Portfolio Management.

Boutique Portfolio Management just works.

No matter the person. Whether they’re rich or poor, clever or not interested at all – it doesn’t seem to matter. When our clients use our exclusive Boutique Portfolio Management service, it amplifies what they have, and strategically places it so that their money makes them more money, more powerfully.

- What is Boutique Portfolio Management? -

Boutique Portfolio Management is an actively managed portfolio that is custom crafted to your requirements.

By custom crafted, we mean it is fashioned specifically for your individual goals. From goals with varying time horizons (helping you  cover major and minor upcoming life events), to even recommending investments that are in keeping with your ethical and moral principles – your wealth is actively monitored so that it consistently is pushed to meet your personal goals.

Boutique Portfolio Management is actually nothing revolutionary, however, it is the service that old ultra-high net worth individuals, families and companies internationally have used to grow their wealth consistently over generations. 

What we’re offering you is a chance to benefit from a system that has made countless people wealthier. We are offering you to use that tool on yourself. If you sign up to our Boutique Portfolio Management service, you will be started right away. 

Can I Use Boutique Portfolio Management?

Boutique Portfolio Management is for people who are ready to achieve financial independence and true wealth within their lifetime without having to put in extra hours at work or get a second job.

We at Firstline Securities have been using our exclusive Boutique Portfolio Management service to create hundreds of truly wealthy, financially independent people, right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Imagine a world where not just you, but every single one of your family members, are truly wealthy and financially independent. Imagine what Trinidad and Tobago would look like if our poorest citizen was a millionaire. It is a vision worth having, and one in which we aim to execute, citizen by citizen. 

Our mission of creating wealth for all people remains unchanged. We will create wealth for you.

True wealth and financial independence belongs not only to those who have inherited great wealth, but to all. Together, we can create this for you.

- You deserve to have in your lifetime, full financial independence -

And we believe that with the right advice and guidance, you can have it.

-Want some evidence?-
Meet Natasha*

*We keep the names of our clients confidential for security reasons

Natasha had an annuity, life insurance, a savings account AND several mutual funds but her money still wasn’t growing fast enough to reach the goal she had for the big 4-0.

Two years ago she started Boutique Portfolio Management with us and the change was instant. She’s 39 now and will surpass her goal thanks to our expertise.

What Boutique Portfolio Management has done for her,
it can do for you.

-Want more evidence?-
Meet Anil*

*We keep the names of our clients confidential for security reasons

Anil was stuck between a rock and a hard place with his needs. 

He said, “I wanted to invest more seriously but I also had cash flow needs that I couldn’t ignore. It was difficult to find investment products that would provide a good return and also allow the customization to my specific circumstances.

I heard about Boutique Portfolio Management from a Firstline team member I met at a conference and I haven’t looked back since. My money is growing and my income needs are being met. I’m truly grateful.”

What Boutique Portfolio Management has done for him,
it can do for you.

-Want even more evidence?-
Meet June*

*We keep the names of our clients confidential for security reasons

What Boutique Portfolio Management has done for her,
it can do for you.

What is included when I sign up?

One-on-one Full Financial Independence Analysis

This one-on-one meeting with our Relationship Manager and expert analyst, maps out how you want to live your life financially, so that you can get an accurate answer on how much you need to truly be free. This analysis is a crucial tool we use to help you achieve financial independence. 


One of our clients didn’t realise how close she already was to attaining her financial independence status. After the Full Financial Independence Analysis, when she realised how close she was, she adopted a more aggressive approach to her wealth and is well on her way to achieving her goal.


Asking the obvious and not so obvious questions are key here for getting a true outlook on what you will need. 

Exclusive Investment Access

This can change your financial fortunes. With our Exclusive Investment Access, you will gain access to where the banks make their money. This is a space where you’d need to have multi-millions personally or be within the financial sector to access yourself.


We truly want you to succeed. We believe deeply in creating wealth for the people. This is why we’ve made this accessible to you, so that eventually you too can help someone else achieve this same level of financial security.


With Firstline’s Boutique Portfolio Management service, YOU can gain access to these exclusive, high yielding, high return spaces. TT$6 Million is how much banks and wealthy families often need to access these services and products that we’re going to share with you.

The Firstline Securities Limited Black Card Concierge Service

Our Boutique Portfolio Management service goes beyond everyday wealth management. We meet you wherever you are, financially and physically. Our experience and unique approach make us experts at navigating the complexities of today’s financial world. It is our passion, to ensure that your wealth works for you.


If you have a question on anything financial, it doesn’t matter if it’s not related to us specifically, we will help you understand exactly what you’re looking at. You can bring us anything and we will assist you in learning everything you can about investments. Any question you may have, your personal advisor is always on hand, to discuss any aspect of your wealth strategy.


Not only that, we believe that discussions to do with your financial health should never be rushed and inconvenient affairs for you. You should never be sitting and waiting in someone else’s office, abiding by their time. We know that time and convenience is important to you, so your personal advisor will always come to you, when you’re available, at where you’re most comfortable. If it’s after work at home when you’re finally unwinding – or Saturday mornings after your run – we will be there. Boutique Portfolio Management means customised investments and customised meetings, made just for you.

Access to Interactive Brokers,a platform catering to advanced traders

With a minimum balance of 5,000 USD or approx 35,000 TT dollars and incredibly strict criteria to get in, Interactive Brokers was created as a place for big net worth people to make big money moves on the stock market – but they’ve recently opened it up and with FSL, YOU get access to this big money club even if you have much less.


Now, using Boutique Portfolio Management, you have the opportunity to invest GLOBALLY in stocks, options, bonds and many other investment vehicles from anywhere around the world. 


Your wealth creation options encompass more than the Caribbean; with Boutique Portfolio Management, the world is open to you.

Access to this entire investment service
- starts at TT$25,000 -

That is all that you need to begin.

For a minimum starting investment of TT$25,000, you will have access to a service that is tailor made to create wealth. Normally used by big businesses and ultra-high net worth families, this system has stood the test of time throughout a range of industries. 

It’s your decision now.

We want you to succeed. 

We want you to reach financial independence and true wealth in your lifetime. And for those that have already attained this, we want to assist you in continuing the work you have done by creating enough wealth that you can pass on for 3 generations or more.

Use Boutique Portfolio Management to leapfrog yourself into the level of wealth you desire by capitalising on these advantages normally only set aside for those in-the-know.

If you want to begin, simply click the link,  fill out the form, and choose your time. That’s it.

Still Unsure About What This All Means?

Watch our video, “How To Transform Your Savings Into True Wealth – The Masterclass” for greater insight into our product, Boutique Portfolio Management, and the reason behind why our business exists.

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