5 Probing Questions about the Inter-Island Transportation Fiasco!

10 April 2018

Port of Scarborough.  Photo Courtesy: View Link

A Firstline Securities Limited Blog by: Winston Gordon

Firstline Securities Limited’s Tobagonian-based liaison, Winston Gordon, brings forth yet another blog expressing the continued distress faced by passengers utilising both air and sea transportation systems between the two islands.

In this his third instalment over the past year, Winston raises even more questions as to why this fundamental service cannot yet be improved:

1. Do these air and sea entities understand and care about customer service? Do they seek to treat passengers with any degree of courtesy and importance, which would engender increased customer satisfaction?

2. Do these organisations have effective business plans in place?  To drill down further, do they have break-even plans? Profit plans?  If so, are they monitored, measured and assessed periodically to ensure that they are on target and that the required adjustments are adequately applied and addressed?

3. Do these organisations conduct in-depth analyses of their customers? Are they tracking and trending customer habits and deducting reasons for increased demands of air-bridge and sea-bridge services?

4. What are the equipment needs of our sea and air bridge organisations? Have these entities conducted situation and needs analyses?  Are these analyses appropriately utilised, monitored and measured so as to increase operational efficiencies?

5. Do these sea and air-bridge organisations have management plans and organisational structure charts that are always in place and effective? What about their personnel:  do they need to recruit, train, ‘right-size’ and educate their respective staff units?  Do they need to revisit and/or restructure their organisational structure for greater effectiveness?

At the end of the day, customer service ought to be paramount.  Citizens and businesses, particularly those in our sister isle, deserve much better!  Our leadership is being strongly urged to rectify this situation immediately.




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